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12oz Wood Carving Mallet
12oz Wood Carving Mallet
12oz Wood Carving Mallet
12oz Wood Carving Mallet
12oz Wood Carving Mallet
12oz Wood Carving Mallet
Wood Carving Mallet
Wood carving tools on a table

12oz Wood Carving Mallet

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Every woodcarver needs a mallet, and this one ticks off all of the boxes for a woodcarver’s mallet. It features a comfortable hardwood handle topped with a urethane head that transfers the power into the chisel or gouge, not your hand. The urethane head reduces the noise, and reduces any mushrooming on the end of your wooden tool handles. The weight allows beginners to carve without tiring. The round shape allows you to pick up the tool and start carving without adjusting your grip.

Even when carving softer woods that you can usually carve using just hand and arm strength, it makes sense to use a mallet. Aside from reducing fatigue, wood can vary in density, and when you’re using hand and arm strength to power through a dense part, you can lose control if you encounter a less dense or softer spot. With a mallet, you can gauge how far the tool will move based on how hard you hit it, regardless of the density of the wood.

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      • Shock absorbent to protect your tool handles ✔
      • Comfortable, ergonomic handle fights fatigue ✔
      • Reduced noise during work ✔
      • Ergonomic design for better balance and control than conventional mallets ✔