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Different Types of Wood Carving

What are the different types of wood carving? The craft of wood carving covers a broad range of techniques that yields everything from useful household utensils to ornate and detailed decor, collectibles, or furniture. Some forms are worked on one side of a flat slab or panel of wood. In others, the carver works from all sides of the wood. Each type has distinct features and focuses on different cuts or techniques.  A wide array of power tools make it possible for woodworkers to carve, detail, sand, and polish wood into lovely pieces. However, this article focuses on the tools and techniques of hand wood carving. The only necessary wood carving tools are small knives, chisels, and gouges.  What distinguishes...

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What Is Chip Carving?

In the world of wood carving, chip carving is most similar to relief carving. Both are worked on flat pieces of wood that retain the same basic dimensions throughout the project rather than being whittled or carved into a different shape.  And like relief carving, chip carving removes portions of the original slab or panel to create a 3-D effect. Both are highly decorative, too. But beyond these similarities, chip carving diverges from relief carving --and from other types of wood carving. In the next paragraphs, we explore the purpose, tools and techniques of chip carving and highlight its special attributes. Why do woodcarvers choose chip carving? Chip carving is beautiful, distinctive and decorative. Sometimes it’s used to embellish an...

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What Is Relief Carving?

Relief carving sounds like a great hobby to try when you’re stressed, and you might find it relaxing.  However, relief carving or “carving in relief” stems from an old definition that means “the state of being clearly visible or obvious due to being accentuated in some way.” The woodcarver working “in relief” makes his design clearly visible or obvious in a flat piece of wood by removing the wood around the design. In essence, a relief carving presents a picture “drawn” into the wood with carving tools until it stands out from the background. Let’s learn more about relief carving by considering unique aspects of relief carving and  the process of relief carving.  What Are Some Unique Aspects of Relief...

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What is Lovespoon Carving?

Lovespoon carving is an ancient craft that overflows with symbolism, sentiment, and intricate craftsmanship. Learn about this unique hobby and its history here.

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What Is Treen Carving?

What You Should Know About Treen Carving “Treen” probably isn’t a word you use every day unless you’re a Scrabble wizard or a woodcarver. Treen is an English word that actually means “from a tree.” In a broad sense, then, all wood carving could be treen carving. However, treen has become a generic term for handmade wooden household items that are usually small and designed primarily for their functionality rather than for decoration. This article introduces you to treen and treen carving--the history of the craft, its unique aspects, and its renaissance as a woodworking form that’s now popular with hobbyist carvers and accomplished artisans of all ages.  The history of treen  Historians categorize antique treenware as dating from the...

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