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How to Use Wood Carving Tools

Hand carving wood into intricate shapes and designs is a fine art requiring only a few basic tools to get started. As you develop your carving ability and desire to create more complicated pieces, you can grow your tool collection and continue learning new techniques. Use the tips and information below to learn how to get started with this craft and how to use wood carving tools to bring your designs to life. How Do You Start Hand Carving Wood? To get started with wood carving, you’ll need a good knife for basic cuts and/or a beginner’s toolset for variety. You will also need the right type and size of wood. Before planning any designs, however, you will want to...

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Wood Spirits and more with Tim Collins, The Carving Artist - Community Spotlight | Schaaf Tools

Schaaf Tools Community Spotlights feature a new wood carver every week. Learn about your carving community, pick up beginner wood carving tips, and get Inspired! In this week's Community Spotlight, read about wood carving artist Tim Collins, and his fantastic wood spirit carvings. Learn more about wood carving today! "The spirits have always been hiding inside the wood, but it's my job to bring them out." We spoke with Tim Collins, who has The Carving Artist business in Forked River New Jersey where he lives with his wife Megan and his 4-year-old Twin boys, Tighe and Seamus.  After 25 years in the restaurant business, Tim picked up carving in May, 2019. Now he says he couldn't live without his chisels!...

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What Tools Do I Need for Wood Carving?

The fine art of wood carving involves the use of many different tools and techniques. With practice, you’ll learn to use each one and probably find a few favorites. Until then, what tools do you need for wood carving? Start with a good wood carving knife and work your way up to other tools from there. Learn more below about some of the tools you’ll need in your toolbox as your skills improve. What Are the Best Tools for Wood Carving? There are several types of tools you will want to become familiar with if you plan to take up wood carving. As you progress in your skills, you can experiment with new tools or different styles of these tools,...

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Lora Irish, The Carving Pattern Queen, Reviews Schaaf Wood Carving Tools

If you don't know Lora Irish, it's worth taking some time to get to know her. I'm calling Lora the Queen of Carving Patterns, and it will become apparent why after about five minutes sifting through all the goodies on her website. This holiday, Lora received the gift of Schaaf Tools, and she was kind enough (and excited enough) to write about it. Here's an excerpt from her blog article, My Christmas Stocking was full of Schaaf Tools this morning; Stuffed to over flowing with precision, quality, premium wood carving joy: "I use beginner quality wood carving tool sets because I teach beginning wood carving.  I don’t use tools that are super cheap from the local big box store, and I...

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