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400/1000 Grit Monocrystalline Diamond Sharpening Stone
Example of order of the diamond sharpening stone
Schaaf Tools carving tools sharpening stone
400/1000 Grit Monocrystalline Diamond Sharpening Stone
400/1000 Grit Monocrystalline Diamond Sharpening Stone
Details on sharpening stone
Details of Sharpening Stones
400/1000 Grit Monocrystalline Diamond Sharpening Stone
Schaaf tools Sharpening stone
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400/1000 Grit Monocrystalline Diamond Sharpening Stone

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Schaaf Tools 400/1000 Grit Diamond Sharpening Stone allows you to transform even the dullest tool into a champion class carving tool. This diamond stone, along with a strop and stropping compound, will put your tools in carving condition quickly and easily. The stone requires no maintenance (soaking, flattening, or oil) and comes with a non-skid universal stone base with three premium rubber stops. The base keeps the tool where you want it. 

The 400-grit side is coarse enough to reshape a tool edge quickly, so use this side if you knick an edge or round the bevel. Switch to the 1000-grit side to refine the bevel and remove the scratches from the coarse side. If your tool is only slightly dull, start with the 1000-grit size. Polish the edge with a strop, and you’re ready to carve. 

The 8” by 2.75” surface of the stone, which is larger than other comparably priced stones, provides all the space you need to sharpen carving tools as well as bench chisels, plane irons, kitchen knives, and even scissors. With proper care, this stone will last for years. The kit even comes with a spray bottle for our favorite shop-made lapping solution: tap water with a little drop of dish soap.

Our Promise

As with all our products, when you purchase this diamond stone you will receive:

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  • Replacements for any tools that don't meet expectations ✔
  • 100% money-back guarantee ✔

More Details

Diamond Stone:

  • EACH SIDE CLEARLY LABELED - 400# grit for heavy stock removal and 1000# grit for honing and maintenance
  • MONOCRYSTALLINE DIAMONDS - Recognized for sharpening speed and ease of maintenance
  • DIAMONDS ELECTROPLATED TO SURFACE - Longer lifespan than cheaper alternatives made with adhesives
  • SINGLE PLATE OF STEEL - Ensures stone is flat and will stay flat over time
  • CLEARANCE CHANNELS - on both sides make for easier cleaning

Non-Skid Universal Base:

  • Adjustable, can be used with many other sharpening stones as well
  • 3 premium rubber stoppers protect the stone and your work surface
  • Adds weight and grip to resist movement during sharpening
  • Elevates sharpening surface above the bench to aid in flattening chisel and plane iron backs

Free eBook/User Manual included via email or download it right here

Sharpen your:

  • Chisels 
  • Curved gouges 
  • Plane irons 
  • Knives 
  • Scissors 
  • Anything else with a bevel and an edge 

How to use a diamond stone from Master Carver Joe Dillett