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Picture of 12- piece premium set of wood carving tools
Premium Hand Sharpened - 12-Piece Foundation Set – Starter Wood Carving Tools Set for Beginners
Regular price $154.99
*BEST CHOICE FOR BEGINNERS!* Each tool in this Premium Hand Sharpened 12pc Foundation Set has been individually and professionally hand sharpened by Dick Belcher of Belcher Carving Supply. While our regular set of tools comes factory sharpened, we wanted to offer a premium set to our customers who would like their tools professionally ground and honed before purchase. 
7-piece premium set of Wood carving tools
Premium Hand Sharpened - 7-Piece Expansion Set – Auxiliary Carving Profiles to Build on Your Foundation
Regular price $109.99
*GREAT CHOICE FOR BEGINNERS* Expand your carving kit with this read-to-carve set selected by a team of professional carvers. Each tool in this seven-tool set has been professionally sharpened by Dick Belcher of Belcher Carving Supply. We asked our team of professional carvers what tools would complement Schaaf Tools' original 12-piece carving set. With their help, we’ve put together 7 additional...
4-Piece Premium fishtail wood carving tool set
Premium Hand Sharpened - 4-Piece Detail Set – Fishtail Profiles to Reach Into Spaces Other Gouges Can’t
Regular price $74.99
*BEST FOR SMALL PROJECTS AND DETAIL WORK* Fishtail gouges fit into areas no other gouges will fit. These delicate-looking gouges allow you to carve details like no other tool. Their unique shape also makes them surprisingly versatile. But that shape can make them a challenge to sharpen. That’s why this set is professionally sharpened by Dick Belcher of Belcher Carving...