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Woodcarving Illustrated 

Woodcarving Illustrated is one of the Nation's leading carving magazines. 

Check out what they had to say about Schaaf Tools' Carving Sets. 

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Alexander Grabovetskiy

Alexander is one of the finest Master Carvers in the world today. He recently reviewed Schaaf Tools while using them to complete a project in this video. 

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Joe Dillett

The Carving Shop

Master Carver Joe Dillett recently endorsed Schaaf Tools. See what he has to say about their quality in this video review. 

our tools


#1 Straight Chisel 8mm,    

#1 Skew Chisel 8mm,    

#5 Gouge 8mm,

#5 Gouge 20mm,    

#7 Gouge 6mm,    

#7 Gouge 14mm,

#7 Heavy Bent Gouge 20mm,    

#8 Gouge 4mm,   

#8 Spoon Gouge 10mm,

#9 Gouge 10mm,    

#11 Veiner 3mm,    

#12 V Parting Tool 6mm

Diamond Sharpening Stone

400#/1000# Grit | 8" x 3" 

12 oz Carving Mallet 


about Schaaf Tools

Schaaf Tools 12 Piece Wood Carving Set is an excellent place to start for the aspiring beginner, intermediate or hobbyist wood worker.


We've hand selected each tool to create a broad set of carving gouges and chisels, enabling you to tackle a wide variety of carving projects.


Professional Wood Carving Sets can cost upwards of $500, and the cheaper sets available online have a hard time slicing through cardboard, let alone a nice piece of maple. 


We decided there was need for a quality set of tools that was not only affordable for people not ready to spend $500 on a set, but also crafted to a higher standard, so you aren't ready to give up carving before you even get started.

Visit our Amazon store today to see what carvers have to say about Schaaf sets.


Happy Carving!


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