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12oz Wood Carving Mallet
12oz Wood Carving Mallet
12oz Wood Carving Mallet
12oz Wood Carving Mallet
12oz Wood Carving Mallet

12oz Wood Carving Mallet

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Schaaf Tools 12 oz Wood Carving Mallet is perfect for full-size gouges and chisels, and is a must-have woodworking tool for your workshop.  The mallet fits comfortably in your hands and gives your carving tools a bit more oomph. The urethane head gives Schaaf Tools mallet the ability to transfer momentum to the chisel without too much shock, reducing noise and protecting your tool handles.

  • Shock absorbent to protect your tool handles ✔
  • Comfortable, ergonomic handle fights fatigue ✔
  • Reduced noise during work ✔

More Details

  • 12 OUNCE WOODWORKING MALLET - for full-size wood carving gouges and chisels
  • SHOCK ABSORBENT - Urethane head absorbs punishment to protect your tools
  • COMFORTABLE HANDLE - Excellent ergonomics to keep your hand from getting fatigued
  • REDUCED NOISE - Urethane head decreases noise greatly while working with your tools
  • ERGONOMIC - Better balance and control than conventional mallets, increased surface area

About Us

At Schaaf Tools, we live by the motto "Quality tools at an affordable price." We found there was a need for a quality woodcarving tools that were not only affordable for those of you not ready to spend $500 on a set, or $45 on a mallet, but also crafted to a higher standard, so you aren't ready to give up carving before you even get started.

With all Schaaf products, we offer excellent customer service and a 100% money back or replacement guarantee.  

Happy Carving,

Eli Pearlman