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Awesome Wood Carving Books to Get Started Carving With Your Child


This is part 3 of a 5 part series that Schaaf Tools has done in collaboration with Annie Haas. Our goal is to give parents a few tools to encourage their kids to begin creating something with their hands.

If you haven't read our interview in part one, or watched video 1, please check out the links below.

  • Part 3: Video - Books to start with
  • Part 4: Video - Tools you need
  • Part 5: Video - Why Woodworking?


Books Mentioned:

Play the Forest School Way by Peter Houghton 

Swedish Carving Techniques by Sundqvist

Bushcraft Spoon Carving by Leigh Robinson

Heirloom Wood by Max Bainbridge

Easy Wood Carving for Children by Frank Egholm

Carpentry for Children by Lester Walker 

The Great American Wooden Toy Book by Norm Marshall 

Woodworking with Children by Annette Grunditz 

Toy Book by Steve Candy

The book of Camplore and Wood Craft by Dan Beard 

The American Girls Handy Book by Anne Boylan 

The Field and Forest Handy Book by DC Beard

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