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Best Gifts for Woodworkers

gifts for woodcarvers

You still have a couple weeks to finish your holiday shopping before its officially "last minute".

Don't panic yet!

We have some great gifts for the woodworker in your family. Whether you're buying a present for an experienced carver or for a beginner, this list has something the creatively inclined will be sure to love. 

The awesome thing about these holiday gift ideas is that each one of them will last a lifetime if taken care of. Enjoy, and happy holiday shopping!


12-Piece Foundation Wood Carving Tools Set - $112.95

Give the gift of a new hobby (or make someone who already loves woodworking really, really happy). This set has the 12 essential tools a carver needs to start any carving project, from an intricate relief panel to a life-sized bust, or from a house sign to a caricature figure. Next year all your gifts can be homemade ;)

The Set can also come professionally sharpened, making it a great gift for beginner woodcarvers. 

4pc detail carving set with fishtail profiles

4-Piece Detail Set - Fishtail Profiles - $51.95

Not ready to spend over $100 on a gift (hey, we get it). Here's another great gift idea. Fishtail chisels are trendy right now. Why? Because they are so versatile! these delicate gouges fit into areas no other gouges will fit. If this gift is for a woodcarver or woodworker, these fishtail gouges will be a winner!

400/1000 Grit Monocrystalline Diamond Sharpening Stone 

 400/1000 Grit Double Sided Diamond Sharpening Stone - $52.99

This gift is sure to be a favorite for the woodworker (or the chef) in your family. Heavy duty, durable, and sleek, it might turn some heads. 

Schaaf Tools Sharpening System will allow your loved one to transform even the dullest chisels and knives into razor sharp champion-class cutting tools. That's right, in the woodshop or in the kitchen. 

Includes the Diamond Stone, and a sturdy, non-slip base to hold the Stone in place. 

safety gloves for woodworking

High Performance Cut-Resistant Safety Gloves - $16

Looking for stocking stuffers? These will absolutely do the trick. Plus, what more thoughtful gift the the gift of safety? Protect those valuable hands with these comfortable, flexible woodworking gloves. They're also great in the garden, on the construction site...pretty much anywhere you want some protection for your hands. In fact, these gloves were just recently featured in Woodcarving Illustrated because they're so dang great!

 Woodcarving Blocks for Carving - $19-$36

Another functional gift idea and good stocking stuffer for any woodcarver. You can't carve without wood! These blocks come in basswood and walnut, and are a variety of different sized. The small set of 6 pieces is a great option for someone who whittles. The larger blocks might be a great addition to that 12pc Foundation Set above. 

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