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How to carve an Oval in Relief with Schaaf Tools | Beginner Wood Carving Tutorial


In this video, professional wood carver Randall 'Madcarver' Stoner teaches you how to carve an oval in relief.

Together, you'll cut in the outline of the shape, creating a stop cut. Next you'll learn how to raise the oval using the initial stop cut. Lastly, you will see how to round the edges of the oval, giving it that final 3 dimensional look.

With the skills learned from carving an oval, you'll be able to begin creating many other objects with your carving tools. Add petals to make a basic flower, or add curved lines to turn it into a basketball.

What did you turn your oval into? Beginners, comment below :)


Video Notes:

Tools Used: Schaaf Tools 12pc Foundation Set - Starter Wood Carving Tools Set for Beginners - 1s-8mm skew - #5-8mm gouge

Timestamp [0:43]

  • outline the circle using the bottom of the Skew Chisel
  • this is going to be the initial stop cut for your circle

Timestamp [1:39]

  • use the #5-8mm Gouge to cut around the circle
  • your gouge will stop at the outline of the circle

Timestamp [2:35]

  • deepen your circle outline with the Skew Chisel

Timestamp [3:23]

  • remember to be safe as you put pressure on your tool
  • use your non-dominant hand as well as your dominant hand on the chisel, to make sure your non-dominant hand is not at risk of getting cut

Timestamp [5:15]

  • start to round the edges of your circle with the #5-8mm gouge
  • cut from the top to the bottom, creating a rounded edge

Check out to see all the tools used in this video.

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