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Carving Lovespoons with Welsh Woodcarver Richard Wyatt | Schaaf Tools Community Spotlight

Our chat with Richard Wyatt
We saw Richard's Welsh Lovespoon carvings on Instagram and wanted to learn more. A furniture maker of more than 18 years, Richard was born in the Welsh Valley, and currently resides here in the US.
And although carving has always been a passion, he's only been wood carving seriously since January 2022. 
We had a change to ask RIchard a few questions. Enjoy!
What were some of the biggest carving challenges you faced when starting out?
The biggest challenge I face is the cost. I was laid off because of Covid and my wife became sick. I have been her caregiver ever since, and am unable to work because she needs me at home. 
Carving helps me to relieve stress. 
Tell me about your Lovespoon project! Do Welsh Lovespoons have any cultural or personal significance that you'd like to talk about? 
Lovespoons are a part of the Welsh culture. Every home has a Welsh Lovespoon on the wall. 
They are traditionally made for lovers to show their affection for one another. 
These days they are more for a way to show your culture and keep the traditions alive. 
As I get better at carving I plan to make more abstract designs from my imagination. 
Thanks Richard, anything else you'd like to add?
I appreciate your support on Instagram and the reasonable price I paid for your starter set. This enabled me to start carving within a restricted budget. 
You can follow Richard on Instagram @Richard_a_wyatt to see his lovespoon carving project. Already he's made some really cool spoons, and we're looking forward to seeing Richard's progress as he continues to grow his skills as a carver.
Thanks again RIchard!
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