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How to Carve a Cube in Relief | Beginner Woodcarving Project with Schaaf Tools and Madcarver

In this video you will learn how to carve a cube in relief. This is an exciting tutorial, because beginner woodcarvers will be able to carve all sorts of things - dice, buildings and more - with the skills learned from this woodcarving tutorial. Follow along with professional relief carver Randall 'Madcarver' Stoner.

Tools used:
Schaaf Tools 12-pc Foundation Set - Starter Wood Carving Set for Beginners

Transfer your artwork to your carving surface.
- Secure your artwork to the wood block, then trace your pattern with a metal stylus (or pencil if you are using transfer paper)
- Pencil in your design directly onto the wooden block
- Save the paper with your artwork, you'll need it again later

Timestamp [1:40]
- Using your Skew Chisel, outline your design, just to the outside of your pencil lines
- Remember, only outline the outer lines of the cube
- This creates your initial stop cut

Timestamp [3:20]
Now we will use the 5-8mm gouge to create depth around your design
- Carve away the outside areas to raise the cube above its background
- Continue to use your skew chisel to create deeper stop cuts as you take away more and more of the surrounding wood

Timestamp [5:14]
- You should be left with a deep, good-sized trough around your design
- Now we can start to form the Cube
- As you begin to angle the sides, the artwork for the top is going to disappear, and you'll need to redraw it on

Timestamp [7:22]
- You should now have a depth at one corner that is slightly lower than the depth at the corner of the other edge
- Even this out with your 5-8mm gouge

Timestamp [8:13]
- Draw back in the line of the top edge of your cube that has been carved away

Timestamp [9:14]
- Begin to think about the perspective of your cube
- Now you will carve the top panel
- Draw in the artwork of the top edges again
- Carve in the angle with your 5-8mm woodcarving gouge

Timestamp [11:44]
Put the finishing touches on your cube
- When you're done, the last step is to cut off a little bit into the cube on its sides to give it more shadow
- Carve a small diagonal on the bottom of the cube as well

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