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How to Carve an Infinity Symbol or Celtic Knot | Beginner Wood Carving Tutorial with Schaaf Tools


In this beginner tutorial video, you will learn how to carve an infinity symbol in relief. It is the same basic pattern you could use to carve a Celtic Knot. You will pick up skills from this lesson that will help with any project that involves overlapping parts, where one section goes underneath the other (like a Celtic Knot, for example). With instruction from Randall 'Madcarver' Stoner, learn how to create "over/under' perspective and make it look seamless.

Tools Used:

From the Schaaf Tools 12pc Foundation Carving Set for Beginners  
#1S - 8mm Skew Chisel
#5 - 8mm gouge


From the Schaaf Tools 4pc Fishtail Carving Set for Detail Work
- 6mm gouge for detail points


Timestamp: [1:25]
- Transfer your pattern to the wood carving blank
- You can use a metal stylus or transfer paper
- Outline your design with the 1S - 8mm Skew Chisel. This will be your stop cut
- for more information on transferring artwork, you can also refer to


Timestamp: [2:53]
- Decide which section of the infinity symbol with be overlapping and which section will be going underneath, and draw in the remainder of the design accordingly


Timestamp: [3:33]
- Use the #5 - 8mm Gouge to cut away the background around your infinity symbol design
- Carve away the inside of the curves as well
- You may want to go over the outline of your pattern again with the Skew Chisel to deepen your stop cut


Timestamp: [9:00
- With the #3F - 6mm Fishtail Gouge, deepen the spaces on the inside of the Infinity Symbol. If you don't have a fishtail gouge, you can use the Skew Chisel, or one of the smaller profile gouges from the 12pc Set.
- Fishtails have flaring edges, which make them helpful for getting into tight spaces


Timestamp: [9:52]
- Start to round down the underlapping section of the Infinity symbol using the #5 - 8mm Gouge
- Take it down about to about half the height of the overlapping section
- You may want to go back over some of the overlapping section with your pencil again


Timestamp: [12:39]
- Find the highest point of your design and start blending the carving
- As you carve, you'll find that the easiest path is to carve is with the grain


Timestamp: [14:28]
- Cut the edges off using the the Skew Chisel for the outside and the curved gouge for the inside edges

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