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How to Carve the Letter R | Carving Letters with Schaaf Tools | Beginner Woodcarving Tutorial



In this video, you'll learn how to carve a raised letter R out of wood. If you're looking for how to carve an incised letter R, you can learn that in the lesson here:

Tools Used:
Schaaf Tools 12-Piece Foundation Set – Starter Wood Carving Tools Set for Beginners

Letter carving is a fun way to practice your beginner woodcarving skills. In this video lesson, Randy 'Madcarver' Stoner will show you a simple method for carving the Letter R in relief, and give some helpful tips and techniques along the way. 

The first step is to transfer your carving pattern to the wood.If you need instruction on how to do that, you can check out this video tutorial here:



Timestamp [1:00]
- Use your 1S - 8mm Skew chisel to create a stop cut around your Letter.
- By using the bottom of the Skew, you can see where the chisel is going, and stop when you need to

Timestamp [1:55]
- Use the #5 - 8mm gouge to start removing wood around the letter
- Continue carving away more wood to create depth around the R
- Use your Skew chisel to remove debris and deepen your stop cut as necessary


Timestamp [3:25]
- Take out the center of the R with your #5 - 8mm gouge
- You can turn the chisel slightly to the right or left to make cutting into the wood easier

Timestamp [4:07]
- How do you want to finish your piece?
- You can continue to remove the outer and inner section around the letter
- You can also curve it inwards
- Or, you can leave the cut marks, which makes the letter stand out

Timestamp [4:50]
- Clean up the edges of your letter with the skew chisel
- Skew chisel techniques

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