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Jason Tavares - Wood Sign Creations

We spoke to Jason who owns Wood Sign Creations from Long Island, NY. Jason has a wife and 4 year old son, and has worked in the medical field as a Cardiac Sonographer for the last 15 years.
Jason told us he doesn’t have a ton of woodworking experience but has always been good with making things. In fact, he started making signs with a dremel, and just started actual hand wood carving a couple of months ago.
Thanks for taking some time Jason – how did you get started carving?
My son, Aiden turned 4 years old in August and out grew his Winnie the Pooh themed bedroom, so we went the superhero route. I made him Avengers comic wood signs. Needless to say, it snowballed from there. That's basically how this venture started.

What types of carving do you do?
I don't really know carving terminology but I’m guessing I do relief carving. What helps me out is using a trim router and profile bit to outline a project that I'm doing. Once the outline is done, I hand carve the rest. That SAVES my hands and tools from wear.
Not a fan of hand carving letters or words. Tried it a few times and never happy with results. I’ll stick with free hand router for letters. Challenge in itself.
As for what I like to carve, I am pretty open to anything. Usually take a creative idea or vision I find and make it into a sign. Collaboration with a customer kickstarts my imagination. I guess the comic book ones are my favorite ones to do at this time. Especially how excited my son gets when he sees them.

Anything you’d like to promote?
I post most of my carvings on my Instagram page, @Jasons_Woodsign_Creations.
I'm very new to all of this and I'm learning every day. This started as a hobby but is slowly evolving into something more. This has become a passion project for me and is continuing to slowly grow into a business I can call my own.
Thank you again for providing me this platform to showcase my work. I hope this inspires someone else to tap into their creative side and grow as a maker.
You're welcome, Jason! We think your work is awesome, and an inspiration to anybody who is getting into wood carving. What you're doing after just a few months is incredible! Don't forget to give Jason a follow on Instagram @Jasons_Woodsign_Creations