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Lesson 3 - How to Carve A Wood Spirit | How to Carve Eyes | Face Carving Beginner Tutorial

Lesson 3 of 5

We recommend you start this tutorial series at the beginning. Here are the links to each previous lesson:
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Lesson 2 - Nose, Brow and Eye-Mounds

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Lesson 5 - Finishing your carving

The eyes may be small, but they're important. They will make your wood spirit come alive! In this third lesson, you'll add the details that will complete your wood spirit's eyes. This Schaaf Tools Video Series with woodcarver Lucas Kost takes beginner carvers through the process of carving a wood spirit from start to finish. If you haven't seen lessons 1-2, you can find them here:
Lesson 1:
Lesson 2:

The 4 gouges we'll be using today:

From the 12-Piece Foundation Set

From the 4-Piece Fishtail Set
#3F - 6mm

Carving the Hooded Eye
- Meaning there's a hood that will cover up the top eyelid.
- Draw in the eye-hoods on both sides
- Make a stop cut along the line with your #3F-6mm fishtail gouge
- You can hold the gouge like you hold a pencil

Timestamp [2:26]
- Remove some material from below the stop cut, about 2mm to create the hood that's covering the eyelid
- draw in the rounded shape of the lower eyelid, and then use the fishtail tool to do the same thing on bottom
- Define the corner of the eye on each side

REMEMBER: Be careful to not cut past the stop cut. Again, don't carve away the lower eyelid!

Timestamp [5:28]
The Bags Underneath the eyes
- Draw in the one main bag (the mallard bag)
- Using the #11-3mm gouge, carve along the drawn line
- Remove the material on the low side of the cut to create the impression that the bad is sticking forward, elevated from the cheek. Use your #3-20mm chisel
- Round our the bags with the #3F-6mm
- You can define the lower eyelid a little more by tracing along the lower eyelid

Timestamp [7:50]
Eye Wrinkles
- Using the #11-3mm, do a series of small cuts to create wrinkles
- Give your wood spirit's eyes crows-feet by doing a series of stop cuts with your fishtail gouge

Timestamp [10:05]
The Pupils
- Decide which direction you want your wood spirit carving looking
- Draw in the pupils
- Use the #8-4mm to do a subtle cut that will scoop up and out. It can be helpful to wiggle the tool ever so slightly. Then clean up the loose material with the edge of your chisel.
- Be careful not to effect the upper eyelid

And the eyes are done! Stay tuned for Lesson 4: Carving Hair.
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