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Madcarver Works On His Relief Carving, The Gambler, and Highlights Gouges From Schaaf Tools Wood Carving Sets

"I'm using all of my Schaaf Tools Sets, and I'm using them daily"
- Madcarver

The Gambler is Madcarver's current work, and as you know, Randy loves to tell a story with his carvings.

Although the carving is still in it's roughing phase, already we can start to see a story coming together. The main character in this fantasy is a rogue gambler, wearing a cloak and flinging dice into the air. He leans over a barrel, protecting a stack of coins...

In this wood carving video, Randy 'Madcarver' Stoner pulls a few chisels out of the three, signature Schaaf Tools woodcarving sets to demonstrate how he would use each profile on a personal project that's currently sitting on his workbench.

The Carving Chisels Highlighted:
From the 12-piece Foundation Set - Starter Wood Carving Tools Set for Beginners
- The #9-10mm
- The #8a-10mm spoon gouge
- The #7L-20mm Long Bent

From the 7-piece Expansion Set - Auxiliary Carving Profiles to Build on Your Foundation
- The #12-10mm V Parting Tool
- The #3F-20mm Fishtail Gouge
- The #11-15mm

From the 4-Piece Detail Set - Fishtail Profiles to Reach Into Spaces Other Gouges Can't
(This specialty set only contains fishtails, which flare out on either side of the cutting edge)
- The #3F-6mm
-The #7F-14mm

Video Notes 
Timestamp [3:42]
- This relief carving is called The Gambler
- Still in the roughing phase
- A piece like this will take months to complete

Timestamp [5:01]
- Starting by highlighting #7L-20mm gouge
- This gouge allows you to get into spaces from over the top of something
- Good for when you're working into a lower area of your carving

Timestamp [6:56]
- The #9-10mm gouge
- Gouge with a super nice sweep on it that allows you to make circular shaving cuts
- Creating texture and a billowing nature in a cloak or other clothing
- Making grooves in your wood carving
- Can waste away a lot of material quickly

Timestamp [9:36]
- The #8a-10mm
- Great for getting into and hollowing out places other tools cannot
- Think about the bowl of a spoon
- In between fingers for example

Timestamp [11:45]
- The #12-10mm V Parting Gouge
- Used for cutting along lines
- Create deep, thin lines and grooves

Timestamp [13:25]
- #3F-20mm Fishtail Gouge
- Slicing motions for smoothing and removing cut marks
- Great for creating contour and rounded surfaces
- The flares allow you to get into tight places while also letting you see what you're doing better than other carving tools

Timestamp [15:18]
- The #11-15mm
- Burly looking tool with a big sweep
- A gouge like this can be used to take out a lot of material

Timestamp [16:27]
- #7F-14mm Fishtail Gouge
- #3F-6mm Fishtail Gouge
- I like to use these types of chisels in areas that are already rounded, but where there's still a corner (like in the arm of The Gambler)
- When you want to clean up a surface, but you have to maintain the corner movement or the curve of the area
- Smaller fishtails like these ones are ideal for creating detail and depth in tight areas, such as the glove straps on The Gambler's hand

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