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Randall Stoner highlights four gouges from Schaaf Tools 12pc Carving Set | ASMR carving of a rose


In this relaxing ASMR woodcarving video, professional carver Randall "Madcarver" Stoner pulls a few wood carving gouges out of the Schaaf Tools 12 Piece Foundation Chisel Set to work on a carving of a rose.

Randall highlights four wood carving tools in particular:

The #8-4mm gouge, 1s-8mm Skew Chisel, #5-8mm gouge and the #12-6mm V-parting tool.

#8-4mm gouge
Timestamp: [0:51]
- take out rounded areas
- carve the underside of a curved wrinkle in a flower petal

1s-8mm Skew Chisel
Timestamp: [2:00]
- extend the veins in a leaf

#5- 8mm gouge
Timestamp: [3:41]
- help take out flat surfaces, as well as rounded surfaces of a relief carving

#12-6mm V-Parting Tools
Timestamp: [5:13]
- get into tight crevices
- create divots in the leaves

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  • Chris

    Lovely project!

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