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Lora Irish, The Carving Pattern Queen, Reviews Schaaf Wood Carving Tools

If you don't know Lora Irish, it's worth taking some time to get to know her. I'm calling Lora the Queen of Carving Patterns, and it will become apparent why after about five minutes sifting through all the goodies on her website.

This holiday, Lora received the gift of Schaaf Tools, and she was kind enough (and excited enough) to write about it. Here's an excerpt from her blog article, My Christmas Stocking was full of Schaaf Tools this morning; Stuffed to over flowing with precision, quality, premium wood carving joy:

"I use beginner quality wood carving tool sets because I teach beginning wood carving.  I don’t use tools that are super cheap from the local big box store, and I don’t use tools that are well out of the price range for a beginner who does not yet know if they will love wood carving the way I do.  I do use the very tools that I suggest for my beginners …. nice quality, good to get your stared, won’t break the bank tools.

But, OH!, Geez-zoo-flip!! I never expected to own one set of the highest quality wood carving tools, that I discovered in my stocking this morning.  I think I have been forever spoiled, never able to go back to ‘regular’ beginner’s tool sets again."

Lora goes on to say some very nice things about our tools (thanks Lora!). You can check out the whole article, and see more photos of the Basswood Carved Mask she made using our Fishtail Wood Carving Set, right here:

If you weren't as lucky as Lora this Christmas, you can always check out our carving sets on our website at We have factory sharpened, as well as professionally pre-sharpened sets available. 

Happy carving!

4 Piece Fishtail Wood Carving Set with Basswood Mask Carving from Lora Irish


  • Mike Odenius

    Been carving for 70+ years. Always interested in good tools.

  • Ron


  • Beverly Williams

    Send me some please.

  • Steve Edinger

    I now have a full line of Schaaf carving knives now they take a good edge
    And last a long time between sharpenings. I’ve been enjoying them for around six months now. I have 50 other high-quality tools . I find myself reaching for these knives or often than ever before. I hope they come out with that line of chisel soon. Steve Edinger

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