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What Safety Gloves Are Best For Wood Carving?

"Always have Band-Aids handy" was one piece of advice a woodcarver told me. Woodcarving can be a rewarding, relaxing, even therapeutic hobby. But that doesn't mean there won't be an occasional slip-up, and when you're working with sharp carving knives or gouges, the results are bloody. 

Regardless of whether you are a beginner wood carver or a seasoned veteran, mistakes - and the cuts that come with them - happen. 

Some woodcarvers wear protective gloves, but many don't. Why? Because while they improve safety, they limit dexterity. A lot of the cut resistant gloves available are stiff. They make carving or whittling difficult. 

We set out to find a pair of safety gloves that solved that problem. And I think we found a hit. 

Check out the recent review article from Woodcarving Illustrated:

protective safety gloves for wood carving

Want to carve safely without compromising dexterity? Schaaf’s new cut-resistant gloves are just the ticket

By the Staff of Woodcarving Illustrated

Protective gloves are the unsung heroes of the carving world—a handy tool that allows you to practice the craft not just for a year but for a lifetime. Although a good glove can significantly reduce the likelihood of injury on the job, many carvers forego it, citing reduced dexterity, comfort, and grip.

Not so for Schaaf Tools’ new line of high-performance cut-resistant safety gloves. Made from a hardworking blend of HPPE (high-performance polyethylene), fiberglass, nylon, and spandex, with a double Butyronitrile coat on the palm side, they allow for a comfortable carving experience that doesn’t skimp on safety. In fact, these bad boys received an A9 rating—the highest possible score—on the ANSI test, which measures the weight in grams required to tear through a given material with a blade. Additionally, they received a CEN rating—which measures quality on four counts (abrasion, cut, tear, and puncture resistance)—of 4443, scored out of a possible 5 for cut resistance and a possible 4 for the other three categories.

For Caricature Carvers of America (CCA) member Dwayne Gosnell (see his project on page 86 of the issue), these numbers paid off in real time. “After a sufficient time putting the glove through its paces, I tried to damage it to see what the glove would or would not do,” Dwayne said. “I was quite impressed and would recommend the Schaaf gloves as a high-quality product that offers good protection against those accidental slices, which happen to even the most experienced carver.”

Fellow CCA carver Bob Hershey (get his project here) concurred, noting that the single glove he selected from the pair was “comfortable and stretched nicely to fit my hand. The black material on the palm provided extra grip to hold my carvings and is tighter-knit compared to others I have in my shop…definitely more cut-resistant.”

The WCI team found Schaaf’s gloves not only durable, but comfortable and breathable—able to grasp small projects without hindering dexterity. Our only complaint is that currently, the gloves only come in two sizes (L and XL), although the company plans to expand their line in the future. Overall, this product is a worthwhile addition to your kit and a great potential stocking stuffer for the carver in your life.

This review originally appeared in the Winter 2021 issue of Woodcarving Illustrated (#97). To purchase the full issue, click HERE

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