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Set of 12 - Full Size Wood Carving Tools for Beginners
Showing different sizes of Schaaf Tools' 12-piece set
Schaaf Tools 12-piece wood carving tool set
Schaaf Tools wrapped in case
Set of 12 - Full Size Wood Carving Tools for Beginners
Set of 12 - Full Size Wood Carving Tools for Beginners
Schaaf Tools wood carving tool in action
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Set of 12 - Full Size Wood Carving Tools for Beginners

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Schaaf Tools Full Size Wood Carving Set features the 12 essential tools you need to start any carving project, from an intricate relief panel to a life-sized bust, or from a house sign to a caricature figure. These hand-selected gouges and chisels allow beginners to get started carving, intermediate carvers to add to their collection, and professionals to have a backup set or a set to grind at a different bevel. This tool set accommodates everyone.

While it is possible to start carving with this factory-sharpened set immediately, the edges will cut better with a bit of finessing and polishing. Professional and intermediate carvers will jump right in, grind or stone the bevels to their favorite angle, polish the edges, and start carving. The factory set the bevel at the most useful angle for most carvers, so along with the complimentary eBook on sharpening, even beginners should be able to polish the edge and get carving right away. If you want to ship the sharpened set, see our Premium Sets.

Because we expect these to tools to be one of the first a beginner purchases, in the eBook we also include information on the best woods for carving, the pros and cons of different sharpening stones as well as the sharpening information we mentioned earlier. We’ve also put together a few videos for beginner carvers as well as a video on how to carve your first project with expert Joe Dillett.

Happy carving!

Our Promise

We understand that a carving set is an investment that should hopefully last a lifetime if well cared for. With all our products, Schaaf Tools offers:

  • Excellent customer service βœ”
  • Replacements for any tools that don't meet expectations βœ”
  • 100% money-back guarantee βœ”

All Tools come packaged in a Schaaf Tools canvas tool roll with protective plastic tips.

  • PLEASE READ – Do not buy this set if you are not willing to sharpen your tools. These come factory ground and sharpened, and like any gouges, will require sharpening. For commissioned sets, see our Premium collection.
  • HIGH-QUALITY WOOD CARVING TOOLS – Each tool is made from alloy chromium-vanadium steel and hardened to Rockwell C60 so blades will hold an edge for a long time and won't dull quickly with repeated use; Hardwood ash, European style octagonal handles prevent tools from rolling off your workspace. Handles are 14 cm in length
  • 100% GUARANTEE – If any of the individual tools do not meet expectations, please contact us so we can replace them! This set is a great fit for any level woodcarver, whether you're getting started, or just wanting to add a few quality tools to the collection. If you aren't completely satisfied, please contact us immediately for your money back
  • EBOOK INCLUDED – After you buy this toolset, we'll email you a Beginner Guide to Carving eBook to get you started. The eBook will cover the best woods to carve with, go over the different types of carving stones, provide helpful links diagrams, and information about sharpening your tools and carving techniques, and offer tips on how to take care of your Schaaf Tools carving set.


Schaaf Tools now offers high-quality Basswood and Walnut in the shop. We understand that the type of wood matters and have chosen just a few to give you the best!

We have the following types of wood that provide a great surface for wood carving: