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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can you sharpen Schaaf Wood Carving Tools on a CBN wheel? Or will the steel clog it?

  • Yes you can sharpen Schaaf Tools on a CBN wheel. If you are going to use a CBN wheel, we recommend using an 80 grit wheel to a double sided 400/1000 grit diamond stone and from there to a stropping paste. Even though CBN wheels do not overheat your tools like other regular grinding wheels, we recommend using them at a low speed.

  • If we wanted to expand on the set. Do you sell other chisels or are these only chisels you have?

  • We have three sets of gouges - the original 12 piece set, a 7 piece set and a 4 piece fishtail set. There is no overlap between the sets, and they have been put together to complement each other. You can see all three sets here:


  • I own virtually every chisel I see in your sets but would be interested in individual tools to replace or fill gaps in my collection.  Do you have a master list or a way to build a custom set?

  • At this time, we only offer the sets as is, although we do replace any individual tools that are defective or have been damaged. Please contact info@schaaftools for details.

     Schaaf 400/1000 grit Diamond Sharpening Stone

  • Can Schaaf Wood Carving Tools set be used for linoleum carving?

  • Normally, linoleum carving requires a smaller fine cut -  a palm tool works very well for linoleum projects. Our tools are suitable for bigger carving projects that require a two handed grip or a mallet

  • I love my new Schaaf 400/1000 grit diamond stone, but it came with an empty spray bottle.  How do I use the bottle and what am I supposed to put in it?  Do you have any recommendations?

    We recommend putting water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid in a provided spray bottle, it works well as a lubricant for our diamond stone. Even though you can use your diamond stone dry (it won’t harm the diamond), using a lubricant will carry away the materials from your blade as you sharpen.

  • I subscribed for an account and wanted to purchase a 12 piece set however my 10% off promo code is considered invalid. Any reason? Am I doing something wrong?

  • A subscriber promo code is eligible for your first purchase only. However, if you participate in our monthly Giveaway event, you can get a chance to win a promo code up to 15% off or the big prize, a Schaaf Wood Carving Set of 12, a Schaaf 400/1000 grit diamond sharpening stone and a Schaaf 12 oz mallet. We have attached the link below if you would like to enter your name for this month’s giveaway.

    Schaaf Tools giveaway picture

    Link :


  • Hi, are you guys ever going to get into bigger sculpting tools?

  • We are continually looking into other tools to add to our product line. If you have specific recommendations for tools you’d like to see us offer in the future, please send your thoughts to

  • I just received today a set of Schaaf Tools and I’d like to sharpen them. Do you have any sharpening tips?

  • Sharpening your gouges isn’t a difficult or complicated endeavor, and can be cathartic or even enjoyable if you take a little time to learn how to do it right. 

    If you would like us to send you some sharpening resources, including our Beginner Wood Carving eBook, please contact us at

    “Sharpen your tools before they get dull. As soon as you feel the crispness of the cut diminishing, take a second to hone the tool, keeping it at its peak performance”  Joe Dillet.



    • Eli

      Hey Stephanie – we’ll be offering a strop, with instruction on our website within the next couple months. For sharpening instructions, you can refer to the free eBook under the resources tab on our site :)

    • Stephanie

      Hi, the website has mentioned a “strop” a number of times. Where can I get one and how do I use it? Thanks.

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