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Wood Carvers Put Schaaf Tools Steel to the Test

Not all chisel blades are created equal.  Any wood carver who has experience using a professional quality gouge versus a "Harbor Freight" alternative knows that.  So what's the difference? Or more specifically, why do the two cut and feel so different? The steel holds the answer.  In this article, we explore how professionals Joe Dillett and Dick Belcher test the metal of their wood carving tools (literally), as they demonstrate on Schaaf Tools gouges. The Spark Test When Wood Carving Illustrated first got their hands on our 12 piece beginner carving chisels, they sent the set to Dick Belcher, of Belcher Carving Supply, to test the steel quality. I remember hearing the chisels passed the spark test, and Dick was...

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Best Wood Carving Tools for Beginners

Wood carving is more than just a hobby—it’s a form of self-expression, a way to relieve stress, and an outlet for creativity. With the right touch and the right tools, you can create a masterpiece for the mantle or furniture fit for a queen. All you need is a set of basic wood carving tools for beginners and you can get started learning a skill you can take pride in.  Learn more about the best wood carving tools for beginners and discover which ones you need for the projects you’ve been dreaming of bringing to life. Best Wood Carving Tools for Beginners To get started, a wood carving tools beginner set will give you the variety you need at a...

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