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2020 Holiday Gift Guide - Best Gifts For Woodcarvers | Schaaf Tools

Hand Carved Smoking Incense Yoda Figurine

Gift shopping for the woodworker in your family? We took the time to come up with some thoughtful, unique wood carving gift ideas for any budget. Here are our 2020 favorites.  

“The Stocking Stuffers” - Wood Carving Gifts Under $30

12 oz Schaaf Tools Wood Carving Mallet

Schaaf 12oz Carving Mallet: $28.99

Woodcarvers need a mallet, like a PB&J needs Peanut Butter, and this one ticks off all of the boxes for a woodcarver’s mallet. It features a comfortable hardwood handle topped with a urethane head that reduces the noise and any mushrooming on the end of your wooden tool handles. The weight allows beginners to carve without tiring.


Lora Irish Lion Woodcarving Pattern

Relief Carving Pattern Packs from Lora S. Irish: 3 for $25

Relief carving legend Lora S. Irish offers your choice of three themed pattern packs for $25. Most packs include at least 10 patterns of varying themes and skill level. While they make excellent relief carving patterns, they can also be used for pyrography or even as adult coloring pages. Above we mentioned inspiration to get into the workshop...look no further!

Tool Sharpening Dick Belcher Schaaf Tools

Tool Sharpening by Dick Belcher: $2 a tool plus shipping

Give the gift of sharp tools. It may sound like a funny gift, but believe me, to any woodworker this gift will receive an A+.  For $2 plus the cost of shipping both ways, sharpening expert Dick Belcher will restore an edge to any tool—even kitchen knives and hunting knives. While most carvers can sharpen their own tools, grinding down a chipped edge often gives you pause. And some tools, like V-tools, are trickier than others. Send them to Dick and get them straightened out.


Alexander Grabovetskiy School of Wood Carving

Alexander Grabovetskiy School of Woodcarving, $19.99 a month

Give the gift of education. This a doozy of a class. Treat someone to a one-month subscription to Alexander Grabovetskiy’s online school of woodcarving. Hunker down this winter and learn from literally one of the world’s best carvers. These video-based classes offer a classic European apprenticeship from the comfort of your home. Truly one of the best gifts for woodcarvers.

Woodcarving Illustrated

Woodcarving Illustrated One-year U.S. Subscription: $24.99

The gift that gives for an entire year! Get 36% off a 1-year subscription to Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine.

Each quarterly issue is jammed with projects, instructions, photos, tool reviews, tips, and techniques. Expert guidance from the world’s most talented carvers helps you to complete more projects and hone your skills. Subscribe at:

The Under $150

Schaaf Tools Diamond Sharpening Stone

Schaaf Tools 400/1000 Grit Diamond Sharpening Stone: $48.99

This premium sharpening set allows you to transform even the dullest tool into a champion class carving tool. This tool, along with a strop and stropping compound, will put your tools in carving condition quickly and easily. The stone requires no maintenance (soaking, flattening, or oil) and comes with a non-skid universal stone base with three premium rubber stops. The base keeps the tool where you want it.

Lora Irish Carving Patterns

The Complete Lora S. Irish Pattern Collection: $79 download, $97 thumbdrive

The ultimate gift of patterns for a carving fan, this collection includes more 2,500 patterns, as well as two e-books valued at 12.95 each: “Easy Steps to Sharpening” and “Introduction to Pyrography.”  You will never run out of patterns with this set that includes 141 themed pattern packs ranging from fantasy creatures and wood spirits to landscapes and flowers. 

Bear Woods Epoxy Resin Kit

Epoxy Starter Pack from Bear Woods: $90

This kit, which includes a 2-quart set of MAS Table Top Pro Epoxy, 3 MIXOL pigments and 3 Armor Art Pigments, gives you a chance to try your first epoxy pour. Carve a coaster and embellish it with epoxy. Add a realistic lake or water feature to a relief carving, or on a carving’s base. This kit contains everything you need to try your first project.


Premium Hand Sharpened Carving Set of 12

PREMIUM - Hand Sharpened - Schaaf Full Size Wood Carving Tools, Set of 12: $140.99

A quality set of woodcarving gouges is a gift that can last for generations. Get to work carving immediately, because Dick Belcher of Belcher Carving Supply personally hand sharpened each tool in this set of Schaaf Tools Full Size Wood Carving Tools. This premium set was created for carvers who would like their tools professionally honed before purchase. Having your tools professionally sharpened will make future sharpening and maintenance easier because you have a 'template' bevel to follow as you maintain the blades cutting edge.

Support Veteran Owned Businesses

Hand Carved Wooden Artisan Pipe TC Timberart

Hand Carved Functional Art by Nick at TC TimberArt

You can find gorgeous, unique and functional items for every budget At TC TimberArt. From hand carved pens starting at $25 to exotic wood coffee scoops starting at $75, and even briarwood pipes for $175. Take a peek at Nick’s incredible craftsmanship. You won’t be disappointed.

AV Carvings Schaaf Tools Artisan Wood Sculpture

Rustic Decor and Cookware by Anthony Velicka of AV Carvings

From chainsaw-carved outdoor décor, to hand-carved woodspirits, spoons, and bowls, AV Carvings has a variety of pieces to choose from, and most items are available for less than $50. We love supporting veteran owned businesses, especially when the goods are as beautifully crafted as Anthony’s. 

Support Small Businesses

Tim Collins The Carving Artist Wooden Holiday Wine Stoppers

Holiday Favorites with a Twist by Tim Collins of Tim’s Carved Art

Put an artisan twist on your normal kitchenware gift, with a wonderful piece from Tim Collins. Choose from a Holiday-themed Rolling Pin for around $50 or Santa Wine Bottle Stoppers for $35. Give the gift of unique seasonal offerings. These are awesome, so be sure to check them out.


Jasons Woodcarving Creations Wooden Coaster Epoxy Holiday Gifts

Uniquely whimsical and functional art by Jason Taveras of Woodsign Creations.

I’ve never seen these before. And I’m going to be honest - when I saw Jason’s work, I had to have one for myself. Last on the list, but by no means least. Give your loved ones a fun, hand-carved “smoking” Incense Figurine, starting at $70. These are so cool. Also available in limited quantity, wood and epoxy coasters made from walnut, cherry, or oak starting at $40. These will look amazing in your home, and be a conversation starter, guaranteed. If the coasters are unavailable at the Etsy link below, DM @Jasons_wood_creations on Instagram.

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