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Randall Stoner highlights four gouges from Schaaf Tools 12pc Carving Set | ASMR carving of a rose

  In this relaxing ASMR woodcarving video, professional carver Randall "Madcarver" Stoner pulls a few wood carving gouges out of the Schaaf Tools 12 Piece Foundation Chisel Set to work on a carving of a rose. Randall highlights four wood carving tools in particular: The #8-4mm gouge, 1s-8mm Skew Chisel, #5-8mm gouge and the #12-6mm V-parting tool. #8-4mm gouge Timestamp: [0:51]- take out rounded areas - carve the underside of a curved wrinkle in a flower petal1s-8mm Skew ChiselTimestamp: [2:00]- extend the veins in a leaf#5- 8mm gougeTimestamp: [3:41]- help take out flat surfaces, as well as rounded surfaces of a relief carving #12-6mm V-Parting ToolsTimestamp: [5:13]- get into tight crevices- create divots in the leaves

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How to Carve an Incised R | Carving Letters with Schaaf Tools | Beginner Woodcarving Tutorial

We're going to carve an incised Letter R. That means we'll be cutting into the block to create the shape, and leaving the surrounding surface flat. This is the opposite of the relief carving style you normally see in these videos, but equally common when it comes to letter and sign carving. This style is also sometimes called inverted relief. If you would like to carve a raised Letter R, check out our beginner woodcarving video tutorial: How to Carve the Letter R in Relief With it's curves and straight lines, the letter R is comprised of many shapes that you see throughout the alphabet. If you can carve an R, you can probably carve any other letter! Tools Used...

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The Fine Points of Sharpening a Skew Chisel

As we’ve mentioned in an earlier post, woodcarvers generally either love or despise a skew chisel; very few are ambivalent about the tool. Those who dislike the skew chisel frequently complain that it’s tricky (or nearly impossible) to sharpen well. This post addresses the fine points of sharpening a skew chisel. We’ll cover the factors that affect how quickly your skew gets dull, when to sharpen it, and how to sharpen it. Along the way, we’ll provide tips and tricks that make the job easier. What factors affect how quickly a skew chisel gets dull? Here are the big things that affect the sharpness of a skew chisel. Combine two or more of them, and your skew chisel can get...

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How to Carve the Letter R | Carving Letters with Schaaf Tools | Beginner Woodcarving Tutorial

  WOODCARVING THE LETTER R - EASY BEGINNER PROJECT In this video, you'll learn how to carve a raised letter R out of wood. If you're looking for how to carve an incised letter R, you can learn that in the lesson here: Tools Used: Schaaf Tools 12-Piece Foundation Set – Starter Wood Carving Tools Set for Beginners Letter carving is a fun way to practice your beginner woodcarving skills. In this video lesson, Randy 'Madcarver' Stoner will show you a simple method for carving the Letter R in relief, and give some helpful tips and techniques along the way.  The first step is to transfer your carving pattern to the wood.If you need instruction on how to do that,...

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DIY Woodworker Jocelyn Ross on How to Find Inspiration, Overcome Early Carving Challenges, and More | Schaaf Tools Community Spotlight

"I think that carving is such a beautiful art. I really want to preserve it and share it with as many people as possible. So many doors can be opened, with carving in the ways of creativity and design that no other hobby can do."  If you're just getting into carving or woodworking, we've got a great interview for you this week with DIYer Jocelyn Ross! Make sure to follow @buildwithjocey to learn manageable steps in carving and building things. Jocelyn shares tips and tricks that she needed when she first started out.   I saw on your IG page a great quote - "I hope you are inspired to find creativity in your daily life. It is too short to...

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